Space Graphics Toolkit

Make the space scene of your dreams using Space Graphics Toolkit.

This huge collection of space effects can be customized and combined in any way you like, allowing you to quickly make realistic or fantasy worlds

Easy To Use ― Each feature has a variety of settings you can tweak to achieve the exact visual result you imagine. These settings have documentation, step-by-step tutorial scenes, and demo scenes that combine multiple features.

Long Term Support ― Space Graphics Toolkit has received regular updates for over 7 years, and it now has an immense amount of features. Thank you to everyone who was supported its development so far!

All Render Pipelines ― This asset supports the standard pipeline, as well as LWRP, HDRP, and URP. See the documentation on how to switch between them, and for some information on limitations.

Full Source Code Included ― If you're a programmer then feel free to tweak the code as much as you like, it's designed to be easy to modify.

Advanced Planet Rendering ― Bring your planets to life with the planet shader. This allows you to dynamically control the water level, water animation, detail textures, night lights, and much more.


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